A Portfolio Approach

We purchase and operate eCommerce brands on multiple platforms and markets

Experienced Founders

At the helm of NOLK are veteran entrepreneurs who have all had multi-million dollar exits and hold vast experience in all steps of the business process, from startup to successful exit

A Clean Exit

At NOLK, we know what it takes to build a brand, and how significant the capital requirements associated with brand-building can be, from funding inventory to hiring talent. We’re keen to work with founders that want to reach the next level, so If your brand is approaching $1M in annual sales, let’s talk. Nolk is operated by fully-funded cash buyers with multi-million dollar exits.

We understand markets. We understand what it takes to build a brand, and the challenges of direct-to-consumer models.

If you are selling your brand, and your brand is currently doing or close to $1M annually in sales, we’d love to talk to you.

At Nolk, we offer smooth exits, so that you can move on to your next project.

Let’s talk

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